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Welcome to the Color Trends website.  The goal of this website is to help you learn more about color trends in various fields. 

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Typically, our company's primary area of interest is in regard to "Fashion".  However, this particular color trends website has been designed to help you research various areas of interest.  For example, the Color Trends website will assist you with learning about trends in home interior colors, paint color, hair color, cosmetic colors, etc.

In regard to clothing and fashion accessories, it is important to note that color trends from various industries influence fashion.  According to Apparel Search, "the reality is that any color in the known universe can be a fashion color.  Basically, a 'fashion color' is the color of an article of clothing or fashion accessory".  In other words, when designer select colors for their fashion collections, they are taking color trends from other areas of life into consideration.

Color Trends for Business:

Fashion companies, car companies, paint companies, cosmetic companies etc., have the difficult task of "forecasting" color.  Forecasting color basically means that they must select colors for their products "before" they they know for certain that consumer will actually like the color.  Due to production lead times (time it takes to produce a given product and deliver it to market), companies must forecast (guess) at the colors consumers will enjoy for the upcoming season.  For example, if it takes four month to design, manufacturer and transport clothing to a retail store, that means the colors must be selected at least four months before the selling season begins.

In summary, color is an important aspect of many businesses.  The aim of this color trend website is to help you research color and color trend spotting resources.


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