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Predicting future fashion trends is an extremely important aspect of the fashion market.  Selecting the proper fabrics, colors, and silhouettes for next season is certainly a critical matter for anyone involved in fashion design.  Unfortunately, the crystal ball method does not always work adequately.  Therefore, members of the
fashion industry often must turn to other resources.  In order for a fashion designer to improve their odds of success, they utilize various methods in the attempt to stay on trend.

Here are a few fashion trend forecasting resources:

Fashion Trend Forecasting : this fashion trend forecasting link will take you to the Apparel Search directory.  In this particular area you will find several resources for fashion designers and fashion retailers that are interested in future trend predictions.

Learn more about fashion trend tools:

Trend Reports 

Trend Boards

Fashion forecasting resources help predict trends in the fashion industry.  The key word being that they "help".  They are unfortunately not full proof.  However, they do offer much needed guidance.  Because no single trend tool is guaranteed, it is of our opinion that you should utilize many resources.  Here are a few suggestions:

Fashion News : It is important to stay up to date in regard to what is happening in the world of fashion.  One way to keep you finger on the pulse would be to read fashion news on a daily or at least weekly basis.  You can find daily news from resources such as the Fashion Newspaper, WWD,, and many other online fashion news resources.

Fashion Blogs : Although fashion blogs are not as traditional as reading fashion news in a fashion newspaper or magazine, the fashion blogs are excellent resources for learning about fashion.  One of our favorite places to search for trend advice is the fashion blog on the Fashion Industry Network.  By the way, if you blog about fashion and trends, you are welcome to join in the discussions at the fashion bloggers group section on FIN.

Fashion Events : To forecast future fashion trends, it is a good idea to continuously keep an eye on fashion.  In addition to the ways listed above, it is suggested that you keep a careful watch on what other designers are up to.  One way to do this is to attend fashion events such as fashion week, trade shows, product launch parties, etc.  You can find industry fashion events at website such as the fashion industry calendar.

What fabrics and styles will be popular next season or next year?  Well, that is certainly the million dollar (or billion dollar) question.  Design firms and retail markets utilize forecasting services to predict trends in color and fashion.  They do this with the sole purpose in mind of NOT losing money.  For example, a fashion retailer can certainly lose a great deal of money if they wrongly determine that florescent orange is going to be a hot color next year.  If they put all of their eggs in that basket and the trend prediction is incorrect, they will most likely lose a great deal of money (and respect from consumers).

Another way to attempt to predict future fashion trends is to research current fashion trends.  By evaluating where the market is currently trending, you can estimate the possible direction for your trend forecasting.  If you are researching the United States market, you may want to check the United States Fashion Trends Guide to evaluate what is on trend from state to state.  Obviously, you may want to focus your attention on key markets such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc.  If you are more interested in international trends, you may want to learn more about Hong Kong, India, Italy, France, etc.  If that is the case, you may want to view photos or videos from the various international fashion week events.

The fashion forecaster combines his or her own knowledge of fashion design, historical references, as well as current consumer business information.  If you work in the apparel industry but do not think you have the appropriate skill set to forecast trends for your business, you can always seek outside assistance.  Do not hesitate to contact a professional fashion trend forecasting company if you believe help is needed.

In this section of the Trend Forecasting website we will list some of the leading trend forecasting services for the fashion industry.

Fashion Forecasting Services : The fashion forecasting services section on Apparel Search is a directory of trend services for the fashion industry.  This guide contains numerous resources from around the globe.  You will find large scale services as well as boutique services that have fewer offices but a strong dedication to service and style.

Color Trend Services : The color trends services section of the new color trend website is a helpful tool for members of the clothing industry that are researching color trends regarding fashion and textiles.

Mudpie Trend Forecasting : At Mudpie they fully understand and appreciate the demands made on busy professionals working in the fashion and creative industries.  With approximately two decades of experience in the adult, youth and children's markets, they have developed a range of fashion services to help you deliver 'on-trend' garments, colors and graphics within the shortest possible time frame.  See a few examples of Mudpie trend services.

kjaer global : Kjaer Global is the leading international trend forecasting agency helping people navigate the future.  They specialize in strategic trend platforms and tools assisting companies in developing future focused concepts and consumer centric strategies.

Trend Stop : Latest fashion trend forecasts, trend analysis and fashion retail store trends, street fashion trends, runway photos and catwalk trend reports. is a leading online trend forecasting and analysis service, renowned for the quality and accuracy of their trend analysis and trend forecasts.  With access to their vast image galleries, focused key trend reports, emerging trends and major themes updates, their subscribers are always ahead of the trend.  Visit their site to take the tour and request a demo to see for yourself.

Trendzine is a fashion information service that offers effective and what they state to be, "highly accurate" trend predictions to the fashion, style and related industries.  Reports are creative, inspiring and highly focused on product.  Fashion intelligence and industry experience shape the reports, providing comprehensive coverage and analysis of current and future fashion trends.

WGSN : WGSN is one of the leading online trend-analysis and research service providing creative and business intelligence for the apparel, style, design and retail industries.  They are noted for their significant industry experience, continually travels the globe to deliver insight and creative inspiration, real-time retail coverage, seasonal trend analysis, consumer research and business information.  Complemented by a worldwide network of expert freelance analysts, researchers and journalists, their content staff is the hallmark of WGSN.  Launched in 1998, WGSN has expanded its operations worldwide and now has regional offices throughout Europe, Asia, South America and the United States.

If you know of any additional services that should be added to this section, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.

We hope that you find our trend forecasting guide to be of assistance to you.


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